Adolf Hitler and Lewis Hamilton – A Hilarious Conversation

Adolf Hitler: So, Lewis, have you ever thought about getting a part time legal assistant in Calgary?

Lewis Hamilton: Well, Adolf, I haven’t really thought about it. But I have been considering how to choose an elder law attorney for my family.

Adolf Hitler: Ah, that’s a good idea. Speaking of legal matters, have you heard about the sale of contract in NSW?

Lewis Hamilton: Yes, I have. It’s quite interesting. But have you ever wondered about the Illinois DCFS rules and procedures?

Adolf Hitler: Funny you mention that, I actually have. And while we’re on the topic of Illinois, have you looked into the consent and confidentiality laws fact sheet in Illinois?

Lewis Hamilton: No, I haven’t. But speaking of laws, do you know if legal aid helps with bankruptcies?

Adolf Hitler: I’m not entirely sure. However, have you ever heard of the constitutional carry law?

Lewis Hamilton: No, I haven’t. But have you seen the BC housing registry application form?

Adolf Hitler: No, I haven’t. But have you ever wondered about the lemon law buyback calculation in Georgia?

Lewis Hamilton: Funny you ask. I’ve been thinking about it. Speaking of legal matters, what do you think about the establishment of law?

Adolf Hitler: Ah, that’s an interesting topic. Thank you for the conversation, Lewis. It’s been a pleasure discussing these legal matters with you.




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