Protecting Sensitive Files in International Deals

International deals that involve hypersensitive files are certainly a rising concern for executive. These sensitive data files which are the crown jewels of a company, are at a greater risk to fall into the wrong hands because they contain financial information, personal information or business secrets. This kind of data, whether lost or stolen, or illegally accessed, can negatively impact the security of the nation as well as federal programs and the privacy of individuals as defined by the Privacy Act. Also, look up controlled non-classified information (CUI).

Moderate sensitivity information comprises data that are subject to an obligation by law to safeguard however the disclosure of this type of information could lead to small harm to the people and organizations that are affected. It includes building plans information, donor records, details regarding intellectual property, IT service information, visas and other travel documents, as well as security information. Businesses that operate internationally need to identify and classify what information falls under GDPR’s regulations for PHI, HIPAA’s regulations regarding PI, and LGPD’s NY SHIELD, CCPA and more and ensure that it is stored in a timely manner across borders.

To ensure that hypersensitive files are safe, businesses must implement a number best practices, including proper tagging, cataloging, and disaster recovery both on and off site as well as monitoring for indicators of possible problems. Digital data room software is one way to achieve this. This software lets businesses store and share documents in a cloud-based secure environment.




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